Nick Biddle Worship Album, "By Our Love"WILLIAMSPORT, PA — Christian and gospel singer Nick Biddle released his third album, By Our Love, on September 15, 2015 and is now booking for the brand-new concert. The new music may be listened to by streaming at

The album delivers Biddle’s signature blend of classical and worship styles using festive, orchestral accompaniments. Biddle says, “I choose songs that are strong congregational offerings, that proclaim the attributes of God, and that are heartfelt and memorable.” Tracks include The Solid Rock, When the Stars Burn Down, You Are, We Believe, By Our Love, Unto Me, Amazing Grace, and Jesus, Only Jesus. Tim Breon, of Williamsport, and Green Valley Recording, in Hughesville, recorded the vocals. Tim Breon also mixed and mastered the project.

By Our Love is an album of uplifting worship, energetic hymns, soaring ballads, and moving anthems. Biddle states, “The message of the title track By Our Love calls the church to reflect the love of Christ on those with whom they interact.” The album concludes with Jesus, Only Jesus, encouraging the listener to take their focus off of the situations around them, and to focus their heart’s attention on worshiping the One worthy of praise, only Jesus.

Biddle studies under voice teacher Suzanne Revak-Fedele, owner and operator of Les Chanteuses Voice Studio in Williamsport.

Biddle’s previous projects are He’s Always Been Faithful, a hymn album recorded in 2012, and Prince of Peace, a Christmas album recorded in 2011. Since 2011, Biddle has presented over 40 concerts at churches across Pennsylvania and Maryland. Biddle is currently booking worship, hymn, and Christmas concerts. For more information and the most updated concert schedule, please visit